Slap me awake

sore eyes- cant see the halo anymore

wide yawn- cant keep it up anymore

sound fades- screeching metal replaces the lullaby

no moreleather jacketto look at

stares intensely- at my mistakes

muttered gasps- what are you looking at?

crawling nails- walks all over me in fear, rejection

no more quiet laughs to hear

watch me- fall even more in love with you

sing something- that’ll sweep me off my feet

heart beating- can you hear it, whirling so fast?

no more soft fingers to quickly brush against

rolled up sleeves- makes me melt

sweet melody- goes off in my head when i see you

crooked teeth- not perfect, but i dont care

no more wonderful butterflies in my stomach

constant daydreams- disappoints me so much

try harder- to get you to like me

seems right- to be together

no more notes of spray floating off you body as we pass

melancholy wishes- made out of loneliness

worst nightmare- i would never see you again

teen love- lasts forever

no matter how far out of reach it is.

The End

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