Vines and Windows

gold glitter paints the sky

no streetlights to follow by

just the cold breeze,

whispering his name

willing him to come

She lies in her bed, alone

her head on his pillow

her heart on his imaginary chest

why did summer have to leave

and take away her love?

She remembers those forbidden nights

he’d climb up those emerald vines,

that led to her always unlocked window

and before any word was exchanged,

he’d kiss her hello,

then climbed in

They’d lay next to each other in her small bed,

close enough to hear their breaths

and fingers were everywhere-

touching neck, carressing jaw, tracing over lips

sparkling dust shimmered in her mind when they kissed

Once the sun began to rise

he had to escape the window,

and climb back down those vines.


The End

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