Why do you always look at me in the halls?

Is it because I’m looking at you?

But it’s exhilarating to catch you glancing back

I wonder what goes through your mind

Is it, wow she looks beautiful today?

or is it, why is she staring at me, searching for me?

or is it what I prefer most of all,

There goes the girl I love?

Does he notice what I’m wearing?

Does he realize I glimpse at him madly in love?

Does he know I really want to be with him?

Sparkles twinkle in your eyes, and no doubt in mine

Blue stars glimmer like the sea at dawn

Your hair is brown like the trees on earth,

and your dazzling smile’s got me in a trance

Everytime we cross I lose my breath

and the room goes black

Except for a single spotlight,

Golden and focused on you

Like heaven, the only beam of hope that illuminates the night

The rain melts with the sun,

The clouds part to make room for the bright light

That shines permanently on you

Once you’re behind me I can no longer see

because you took the precious light with you,

and the world resumes to darkness.


The End

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