Never here

All I ever wanted was a best friend.

Who could actually be available,

and willing to do whatever it takes to come over

But now we’re at the end,

because I feel like I never see you anymore

you know I never wanted to leave you,

But I just can’t be disappointed again.

It hurts so much, intensely

too many scars waiting to heal

So many chances to you I lend

When will you make it right?

Now’s the time

I would have liked to wait until graduation

to let you go

but nothing good lasts forever

This feeling, this terrible, shameful feeling

eats me inside, swallowing my mind

When do I say goodbye?

I’m always running,

far away from you,

to avoid a fight

Silence has cut my tongue then,

but I’ll be sure to say my thoughts now

because life doesn’t revolve around you

You’re no longer the sparkling blue gem,

instead you’re chipped, cracked,

and you’re a simple scrap of metal

I can’t stand the ‘remember whens’

my heart aches as I recall the memories

of when you were actually my friend.


The End

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