Bad. Toxic. Terrible.

Why are we like poison?

Weed killer. We’re the weeds.

Ant spray. We’re the ants.

People are trying to destroy us,

And they’re winning.

We’re shrinking, dying.


A bomb settled on us the very first day

And it will explode soon.

I can’t say when exactly, but at this rate,

It’ll be by the end of the school year.

I can feel heavy tears weighing me down inside,

Where my heart is. It’s crying.

Not about you. But just the state we’re in.

Dilapidated. Deteriorated.

Ripped apart. Nearly gone.

A hurricane threw our emotions away,

And now we’re not even trying to repair the ship.

A volcano washed lava over us

And my love is melting.

I simply don’t love her anymore.

It’s all ice, my heart. She can stay warm.

But it’s just frozen. Paused. Lost in time.

You can throw a sharp rock all you want,

But it won’t break the bits.

Good luck changing my mind.

Good luck finding someone to replace me.

Good luck living without me.

Because I will always live without you.


The End

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