What are we fighting for?

Awkward silence.

Just cars milling around and the flag pole clacking.

Faint bird chirps, quiet wailing of an ambulance.

I wonder if the world is ending.

My vision spirals out,

I look over at you, you’re texting.

Why are we like this?

I thought I’d never leave you

But I guess people change with time.

It’s just to quiet in here

And very uncomfortable.

What are we fighting for?

We’ll just go back to the root of trouble.

My depression. Your unavailability.

It’s not normal in a friendship.

There’s no cure to my mentality,

No answer to your absence.

Love disappears quicker than expected.

One week I’d die for you and the next is avoidance.

I can barely look at you.

And it’s unfair.

Life tears apart a whole bond, once tightly glued together

And breaks it right in half.

But I’m not broken.

No, I feel better being without you.

Not by your side,

Constantly crying on the inside.

The End

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