Open your door

I wanna fly, and never come down.

I wanna smell the fresh wood in yourfurniture,

I wanna feel the wind of the door opening on my face,

I wanna see your eyes light up when you see me

I wanna hear you tell me that you love me

I wanna know that your heart still pumps only for me

I wanna believe that you’d do anything for me,

I wanna take a minute and go over howbeautifulyou are,

I wanna hold your hand and feel the warmth

I wanna read your mind

I wanna run my fingers through your brown hair,

I wanna curl up with you on the couch,

I wanna dance with you until the night turns black

I wanna drown in your ecstasy

I wanna fade away from the world,

I wanna be with you only, alone,

I wanna lock this heat in a jar and never let it escape,

I wanna put us in the dark and watch us glow

I wanna smile whenever you smile

 I wanna whisper in your ear

But then I wake up

Bright morning greets my vision

Bottling up my feelings,

Being a dreamer hurts.


The End

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