Purple Constellations

Will we always be pretending?

Listen to the world around you

The wind whispering to you

The purple constellations shouting down at you

Pulling you in to join them

Pretending now?

Run your fingers over the smooth earth

Feel it crumble so easily in your hands

See, if you were up in the sky,

It’d be rock solid.

Nothing can disappoint you there,

Nothing can kill you there.

You can tear down all the walls,

Have a happy ending.

Find your place in life,

Let the gathering dust sparkle on your skin

Let the dark envelope you in your own paradise

Live eternally, released forever

Your wings escaped the bronze cage,

Get cozy, you won’t be going anywhere

No, now that I’m limitless,

I can do whatever I want,

And no one can drag me down again.

If you look to the stars,

Just breathe in and remember,

What it’s like to be free.


The End

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