I stare out,

Listening to my heart beat

And the road passing beneath me

I go over the years

And think,

Where did it go?

How is it even possible I’m sixteen?

I still remember days from when I was two.

The sky clears,

And the window sparkles with clear glitter

And Ibeginto wonder.

What if we’re part of a biggame?

What if there’s a bigger world out there,

And we’re just a pawn to them?

Sixteen. Unbelievable.

It just flashed by.

Like emotions. They’re only with you for two seconds, hours, days.

Memories fade. Moments vanish.

Sometimes you can’t cling to them all.

So you lose the important ones.

People chatter around me. Oblivious to my thoughts.

Feels like time is frozen, but we keep moving.

I wish I could go back and fix things.

Go forward and warn myself.

But life doesn’t work that way.

We’re ageless in the summer,

And we progress in the fall.

We become older in the winter,

And slow down in the spring.

All I want to do is drift away.

The End

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