Perfectly Unsafe

You are at risk.

Anything can cut your hands,

Slice your finger,

Break your heart.

Pillowcases suffocates you

Duct tape silences your voice

Electricity zaps your veins

Lightning shocks you to your core

Hurricanes drowns you

Tornadoes makes you fly

Minefields blows you up

Infested crops poisons your stomach

Innocent flowers are lethal

Animals jump out of nowhere

And words always poised to attack.

They’re like dynamite.

A target aimed precisely at your weakness.

You choke on your tongue,

Searching for a comeback.

Nothing comes out.

Insanity settles in your brain

The world goes to black

Your eyes glaze at the sender

And you know they’ll never take their words back.

And a storm rises in your chest,

Swelling, entering dangerous territory

But it passes.

You smile, completely unforgiving

But forgiving.

Questions, eyebrows raise,

And you walk away,

To cry inside.


The End

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