Study Hall

I wish I had a best friend.

This class, I just feel miserable.

No one tell their stories to me,

No one wants to take pictures with me,

No one really listens to me,

yet I give my whole heart to them.

What am I doing wrong?

Sure, they cheer me on during practice,

but that’s because coach makes them.

Why can’t I have inside jokes with anybody?

I sit alone, by the water fountain,

every day.

I hear bits of gossip, indirectly.

They all tell me I’m the sweetest person they’ve ever known.

Is that true?

Even though I do practically nothing to them,

because they don’t ask me anything?

They all huddle in cliche groups,

and I’m all to myself.

Will I ever belong?

How hard is it to ask about my day?

My God, is it because I constantly say fine,

and never open up?

this is all my fault?

It is my fault.

The End

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