Prince Charming, I've lost your location.

Can I trust boys?

I don’t know why, they always betray me.

And it hurts.

Especially the first one.

I really want a guy I can depend on,

to love me for me.

Everytime I feel like I have a chance,

they shoot it down.

By being too old, too young,

Too immature, too quiet.

I want someone to love for real,

not just unrequited.

I hear all these girls who’s got someone these days,

and some of them don’t even deserve a boyfriend.

It doesn’t make sense!

There’s nothing wrong with me, right?

Sure, I’m not the hottest girl in the world,

or the prettiest, or the most beautiful,

but there’s got to be a guy out there,

who would think those things.

Where is he?

Why is he taking so long?

I’m tired of hanging around girls.

They’re just so full of drama and gossip.

I just want a guy to hold me,

and make my fears go away.

I always look around

but none of them could possibly think highly of me.

Is anyone out there?

The End

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