the things we dont think about xxx

one word...



when ever i hear that one word images flash through my head, price tags for jeans saying £8,riots at the tills and finally who could forget?


the fact is nowardays if you want cheap theres gonna be poverty on the other end of the chain. now im not now, nor ever excusing the fact that it is a discrase people, children are being treated in such a cheap fashion however my consience is clear, are we not providing people with jobs? and i find that those who say it is really wrong dont look at that possibility!

why is my concience clear? because every time i shop at primark i donate £5 pounds to a children's charity somewhere in africa. okay so it isnt going directly to those who are infact doing all the hard labour, but its more then what some people do nowardays, and surely its better to do something, help someone then sit there preach and not do anything.

love black dress xxx 

The End

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