Vatralav woke first, as usual. It was something he had always done, even when he was human. Of course, being an agent of GS9 did that. The sector trained it's operatives to live like animals, taking the best of nature and applying it to their soldiers. They thought it would give them an advantage over the other sectors in America.

They had been right, of course. Soon, GS9 was at the top of the food chain, controlling the president and congress. That is, until another sector, founded the source known as 'magic.' It wasn't like the stories, where they could conjure fire and wind, but neither was it like the illusionatory sort of magic. No, they had tapped into a hidden source in the human genes, one that allowed them to alter people and twist them to their whim.

Vatralav, known as John Gears at the time, had managed to infultrate and destroy their supercomputers, giving the GS9 a chance to strike without fear of loss. But, before they could attack, the other sector made a truce. In exchange for John Gears, the one responsible for the damage, they would share the information and therefor get rid of the advantage they coveted.

THe sector took John and changed his shape into that of a lion, thinking they could control him in that form. They had been wrong. For some reason, the mind alteration magic did not work on non-humans. Was that why Eve wanted to bring the fox and the Tigress?

Vatralav sighed. It had been a while since he had even thought of his past. He was glad for it, for without the knowledge provided by the GS9 he would have not survived in these plains.

One of the tigers cubs awoke, yawning at the early timing. Vatralav watched in amusement as the kitten walked, stretching each legs as it went, toward the forest. Vatralav was tempted to ignore it, but instead he walked over, grabbed it by the scuff of the neck, and walked back over to where he had been sleeping.

He had planned on relaxing until the others awoke, but the tiger kitten had other plans. As quick as it could, the tiger attached itself to Vatralav's ear and pulled, urging Vatralav to play.

Vatralav ignored the kitten's motions and just sat there.

Eve woke up and noticed what was going on, only to laugh and stretch out. By this time, the others were waking up as well. There went Vatralav's relaxation time.

The End

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