Pride (Part 7)Mature

Erwel darted back into the forest slightly hurt. Were the lion and the tigress on the same side? And what were they doing with humans? Were these really nice people? She shook her head. That wasn’t possible. Humans had always been bad. She finally decided that she would go and figure out what exactly was happening. She turned around and crept back to the clearing where the lion and the tigress were. Now the tigress had a collar too. She must have been capture!

Erwel looked around frantically to see if she could find a way to set them free. There was no way she could defeat both the lion and the tigress.

“So, would you like to both come back to America?”

Erwel perked up. They were going to America? What was that? She crept cautiously forward. The woman saw her. She crouched down and extended her hand.


Erwel hissed.

“Hey little one.”

She hissed again. Go away human. The woman extended her hand to pat her. Erwel dodged it and tried to bite her back. The lion growled and she backed away.

“It’s ok. We’re not going to hurt you.”

Erwel stared at her eyes and saw genuine caring. Maybe these humans were nice. She finally decided that she would try it out. She lifted her nose cautiously and slowly touched the women’s nose. The women took out a collar

“Now, that’s more like it. Would you like a collar too?”

Erwel hissed and jumped back. No brainwashing. The woman, seeing her reaction, immediately hid the collar from view.

“Don’t worry. We won’t force you to.”

The fox timidly walked back over.

“Now. With all of you here. Would you like to come back with us?”

The End

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