Pride (Part 6: Confrontation)Mature

  Aaliyah took a step backward with a quiet growl. She did not mean for a massacre; her only intent was to protect her cubs. She was only defensive. Slowly, almost cautiously, the lion stood up from his poised position and the frightened, wimpy fox scattered away while it had the chance. Aaliyah turned her attention back to the humans. She then looked at the lion in confusion, as if to ask the question of why they were communicating in such a way. Her ears twitched as she heard ruffling in the grass.
  "What now?" The woman named Eve asked. The lion replied with a purr and a growl as if to say that there was no pending harm. And he was right. Aaliyah, however, suddenly became frightened and instinctive as three small tiger cubs popped up though the tall meadow. Why would they be here? She ran to them, scooped them up, and went back to the cave. After a much-needed scolding from their mother, the cubs went sullenly back into the stone house and stayed there.
  When she got back, the collar was around the lion's neck again and they seemed to be having a conversation of sorts. When Eve saw Aaliyah, she turned to her and asked, "Tigress, we have a second collar. Would you like to try it on?" The tiger hesitated. What if it was a trap? She looked to the lion and he nodded with a small growl, signifying that it was safe. Slowly, the tigress moved toward the woman. Eve gently scratched Aaliyah's chin and clipped the collar on with her good arm while one of the men wrapped gauze around her injured one.
  "There, is that better?" Eve asked. She replied with little growl and a monotone voice said, "I'm not sure. What does this thing do, anyway?" So the three humans explained about what the collar does and why they were there, which was simply to retrieve some specimens to test the collars out. Aaliyah nodded in understanding and the lion, who had been called John, seemed deep in interest. After explaining, Eve asked another question.
  "So, would you both like to come with us back to America?"

The End

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