Pride (Part 4)Mature

She pounced through the forest quickly, tracking the distant scent of danger. Her tail bounced lightly as she darted through the trees. Erwel finally stopped as she perked up her nose to sniff for the scent again. Foxes hated humans. At least her family of foxes. Her mother, father, sisters and brothers were all killed by humans. Maybe not at the same time or by the same people, but they were nonetheless humans.

She could smell the scent of the lion nearby. What was the lion doing near humans? Maybe she wasn’t very close to the lion, but she shared his dislike of humans. Was he tracking them with her?

Erwel broke out of the clearing and saw them. She quickly darted behind a tree. She slowly stuck her head out. What was the lion doing with humans? She watched furiously as the human attached a collar around the lion’s neck. What was he thinking? What were the humans thinking? She was about to jump foward when a voice surprised her.

“Greetings.” Erwel squinted at the lion. What did they do to him? Were they brainwashing him? She watched silently as the lion continued to converse with the human until there was a crack. She perked up at the sound along with the lion. What was that? She looked around quickly and saw, hidden behind the grass, the barest hint of a tiger.

A tigeress... Erwel hissed. What was a tigeress doing here? The lion seemed to have spotted her too, turning his back on the people. She turned and saw the humans move closer to him and her eyes opened in horror. This must be a trap!

She leaped out from behind the tree with a screech and attached herself to the closest human. The women.

The End

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