Pride (Part 3)Mature

Although the threatening smell went away, she remained protective of her cubs. She was a tigress, slowly searching with her senses for the source of the odd scent. Her name was Aaliyah. She nudged her babies to go back into the small cave that they resided in. After they were safely inside, she crept along the tall grass and boulders until she came across three humans and a lion. She knew this lion; he was the leader of his pride. With curiosity, she sat to see what they were doing. There was a collar-type thing around the lion's mane.

"Hello, John," said a woman with very dark hair. The lion growled, but in a fairly friendly tone. Another sound came with  the growl, and what an odd sound it was.

"Greetings," a monotone voice said back. Aaliyah tilted her head in question.

"It's been a while. How are you, John?" the woman asked, and the lion gave a yawn just as the voice says, "I'm. . . not sure." Purring with even more curiosity than before, Aaliyah leaned forward slightly. In result, a twig broke under her paws and the humans turned their heads in her direction. The lion's ears perked up at the sound. Oh no, had they seen her?

The End

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