Just a story I had to get out and since I can't find a pencil and Word isn't working... Yeah.


Violent smells.

Evil smells.

Vatralav ran toward the scent, his massive body bounding through the plains, his mane flowing with the wind, and his teeth bared. He would find this scent and rid his plains of it. It was his duty, his purpose, his reason to exist and he would continue to do it until he died and joined with the land. 

He passed several of his females, all aware and with their cubs. They had sensed it as well, then. From the look of some of the cubs, they too were sensing it. It was a strong smell, so Vatralav was not surprised in the least.

The next hill made way underneath Vatralav's massive paws and revealed the origin of the smell that plagued his nostrils. 


They were only three in number, but Vatralav knew the weapons they held. Guns, used to kill animals like himself. Most likely these humans were here for some of the antelope, but Vatralav cared not. They were a danger to his pride, so he must act.

He crouched low, letting the tall plain grass camoflauge his massive body. It worked better than he had hoped, as the humans did not see him until he was nearly upon them. With a few more steps, he could take the first one down and attack the second one before he could fire... The third would be a problem, but hopefully fear would work with Vatralav.

Before he could begin his attack, however, the female human looked his way. It was not being uncovered that made Vatralav freeze, nor was it fear. No... 

This female human had once been his mate...

His wife.

The End

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