Preview of the Rayne Chronicles

I am not your average teenage girl, In fact i'm  pretty odd. I am the last of the dying race. I live and fight for truth even when all truth seems  to have died. I must always have faith.  Demons breathe down my trembleing neck and fallen angels reach  for my running feet. This isn't life. There is no joy or pleasure, my existance is not my own. I weild a pistol in my left hand and a book of ancient, powerful text in my right. The Universe's most powerful spirit resides within me. A cross is equipped to my back, but when nesccary it becomes a mighty sword. Me and the few survivors are all thats left to take down the world's greatest  threat, the  Anti-Christ and his demonic army. My name is Rayne Nicole Hinder and this is my story.

The End

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