Just a Feeling

School ended and I returned back home on my bus. After my encounter with Cherry that day, I found myself thinking about her eyes at dinner.

My mother notices that I am barely eating and says in her "trying-to-sound-concerned" tone of voice "Enrique, what's wrong with you? You've barely eaten anything" I keep my head down "I'm not hungry." I reply, all while having flashbacks of the beautiful creature: Her eyes, her pretty little face, her delicate hands.

My stepfather speaks up, although not wanted "He's doing too much of that thinking! That's unhealthy. You know, when I was a chico, I was too busy doing chores to think that hard.". I say under my breath "Maybe you were too stupid to think that hard anyway..". My older sister, irritated with the attention being payed to me, begins to speak "Well, I'm thinking about buying a car". Usually, I ignore my sister, seeing as she's the type of person who just loves to hear herself talk, but I couldn't help saying "Well, think about moving out" My mother glares at me, and mouths curses at me in Spanish to behave.

I stand up to excuse myself, when my stepfather replies "No wonder he's so skinny, he never eats dinner" I glare at him,  give my dinner to my overweight younger brother, my stepfather's favorite, who never passes down a meal, and head to my room in the basement.

My grandfather, my favorite in my family, who I call abuelito, is cleaning down there. I jump "Abuelito, I'm sorry for bothering you.. I just wanted to be alone." He looks at me, his face full of age and good wisdom and says "Something is bothering you, Enrique. What is it.." I sit on my bed and respond "It's this girl at school, and she never talks or does anything important, but smile and I- I don't know, I feel that I really like her, and I don't know why." He laughs and says "You are infactuated, no? You are interested in this girl.. Is she pretty to you?" I nod. He continues "Yes, it's an infactuation. You'll be fine. It's quite normal. Give it a while and the feeling will pass.." He gets up and leaves my room and me thinking upon his words.

The End

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