My Fireplace

After I finished my lunch, I say goodbye to my friends and escort Cherry out of the lunchroom. As we were walking alone in the hallways, I study Cherry's face: Her eyes blaze like a fireplace on a cold winter day.

Suddenly, without warning, Cherry begins to spin like a child in a toy store, skipping and jumping. I look at her, awkwardly, but my stare says it all: "What the hell are you doing?". Suddenly, Cherry takes my hands and spins around with me, smiling silently with that dumb smile.

I feel embarrassed until she spins harder, making both of us dizzy. I smile with Cherry as we both spin in the empty hallway, laughing silently. She lets go of my hand and stumbles, hobbling and falling on her knees. Also dizzy from spinning, I fall in front of her, staring, studying her eyes.

Although Cherry always seems to have an empty feel to her, her eyes are far from void. Ablazed with a burning determination and strength, her eyes contain the whole essence of her character and persona, and they capture what her words never could: my attention, my admiration. It's as if her eyes constantly performed a hypnosis that enraptured me to see into her very soul and being, the ultimate doorway.

Her fiery eyes also carry a warm comfort in a cold time. When being studied, I feel she has the power to melt away the cold and icy emotion gnawing at one's heart and soul. I'd never felt such a warm feeling, since the day my parents divorced. I'd felt like I was on my own, and that they were in their own little world without me, leaving me outside suffering from frostbite. However, by just staring into this creature's eyes, this beautiful creature, I felt warmth like no other, the warmth like a fireplace on a cold day.

Suddenly, Cherry smiles at me, and bobs her head making her hair fall into her face. I snap back into reality and help her up. "Come on. Let's get you to the language room" I say as she nods vigorously.

The End

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