Silence is Golden

Cherry smiles at me, fascinated. I look into her eyes, which are small but fiery in nature. Her lips are a natural red, and her nose is like that of a flannel button. Her skin is like porcelain, gentle and soft looking, and her shiny, silky black hair reaches her small neck. She is petite and very cute, but in her face, she lacks the ability to hide her feelings. The look of excitement and curiosity spill out all over her soft face as her eyes and mouth read "I am fond of you, Enrique". However, she never voices this.

She follows me silently to lunch, smiling like an idiot, not saying a word. Every once in a while, I'll turn around to find her watching me with that dumb, smiling face. Finally, I think It needs to be said. "L0ok: Cherry? It's kinda creeping me out that you're following me and well-" Before I can finish, she looks at me with these big, brown fiery eyes turned down in sadness. Her silent face reads "What did I do wrong?"

I sigh and hesitantly reply "Are you lost or something?" She shakes her head eagerly and smiles. "What? Do you just like following me?" I respond. She chuckles without voicing again and smiles some more. Her smile is innocent and fragile. I sigh once more. "If you feel lonely, I guess you could eat lunch with me and my friends.. How does that sound?" I bargain with her. She nods with sparkles in her eyes and follows me to my table. She steals my lunch box and takes my cream cheese. Carefully, she peels it out of the package as my friends stare confused.

"Who is that?" Asks my friend Trenton. "And what is she doing?" My friend Jackie asks with a look of disgust. "Guys, this is the new girl in my class. Her name's Cherry. She's from Ohio or what not... She's been following for half the day. I don't think she speaks English.. She doesn't seem to respond to anything and if someone doesn't directly talk to her, she seems clueless" "Well, tell her to stop following you and send her to the language room." My friend Maya advises. "She won't go. I've tried! I don't know how to tell her to stop following me" I tell her. Cherry sticks the glob of cream cheese on a fork and begins to lick it, smearing it all over her porcelain face.

Jackie confronts Cherry rudely. "Cherry, Hablas Espanol? Parla Francas? Eak-Spay Ig-Latin Pay? Look, you gotta go. So, why don't you take your.....cream cheese on a stick thingy and go find the language teacher." Cherry looks at me longingly without speaking. Her big brown puppy eyes become confused, and she pouts at me, unaware of the cream cheese on her face. My heart gives in to her beauty and innocence and I take a wet cloth and wipe her face, then I reply gently: "Cherry, I'll take you to the language teacher after lunch, okay?" She nods vigarously, and the look of confusion is replaced by a look of sheer excitement.

The End

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