Emily-Clutching the Winner

I was walking up to the front office to get the office when I look up and see her. When I get inside, she casually brushes up against me, and I narrow my eyes to slits.

A girl that's wearing red glasses and sitting in the corner of the room is holding the roll of tickets. Her face lights up when she sees me walking towards her. I put a smile on my face.

"Are you here to buy a raffle ticket?" she asks me as I'm taking out my wallet from my bag.

"Uh, yah. How much are they?"

"Five dollars a ticket." Good thing I was stocked up.

"Ok, I'll take ten," I tell her, holding the fifty dollar bill. Her eyes widen a little bit before she takes it from my hand. She ripps off the ten tickets and hands them to me.

"Thank you very, very much! Just put your name on them and then turn them in during fifth period today. You teacher will have a jar," she says, but I'm already halfway out the door. Just then the bell rings, so I change my course to fifth period history. Unfortunately, Mia is in the class. Curse the people who make the students' schedules.

I walk into the classroom and see Tori sitting her assigned seat. I take my seat which is two seats away from where Mia sits. How could the teacher do this to me? I'm pretty sure she knows that we hate each other already. I mean, who doesn't?

I look to my left to find that Mia has only one ticket on her desk. But then I see that her friend has like fifty. Fifty! My eyes open a little bit wider when I see that.  But Mia herself only has one. I have ten. She is going down.

"Ok, kids. Put your raffle tickets into this jar," the teacher says, patting the jar next to her. Everyone in the class rushes over and drops their ticket in there, and everyone is hoping that they win.

The End

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