Mia- Stealing isn't all its cracked up to be

So anyway, like, after English I went to, like, the office to get a ticket for the raffle. There was, like, this nerd girl sitting over in the corner with the tickets,  and she kept, like, talking about how the money raised from the raffle would go to help a student with, like, cancer or something. I was, like, totally getting bored, so I just flashed my totally super- pretty smile at her and nodded, and she was all like "great!".

I, like, wasn't about to read the poster over her head, so I just like totally gave her a dollar, and she was like, "sorry, but 1 ticket is 5 dollars. I have change..."

"Uh, like, no. I've got a 5 right here. Oh, and by the way, like, how many losers are entering this thing?"

"Well, so far around 2020 tickets have been purchased by 1357 students, counting you."

She, like, looked kinda hurt, which was like totally funny, because her face got all, like, sad and stuff, so I just like took my ticket and walked away before I could get, like, in trouble for laughing at a nobody. Like, rules are so unfair! Anyway, like, of course I had to run into Emily The Creep on my way out, and she was totally being weird and like, smirking and saying something about a Vronsky. I just, like, bumped into her on purpose, and then like totally left. After all, the drawing for this raffle was like, only a day away. Then I could rub my victory in her face all I wanted. I bet she'd try to kill herself or something, she can't like ever take losing. I never lose, so it isn't a problem for me...

The End

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