The Battle is On


"Settle down!" Mr. Parc said, clapping his hands as if we were third graders. "The bell has rung, class has started, and the learning has begun!"

I took my usual seat in the second row. I glanced back at Mia as she took  her usual seat in the very back row. Two of her girls were taking their seats right next to her. She glared at me and I glared back. She wanted to play? I'll play all right.

Mia was laughing, no doubt about me. She  gave me another evil eye and then turned back to her girls who were giggling about some ridiculous thing. What was wrong with that girl? She thought she was all that. And she says 'like' waaay too much. It's like she's living in some high school soap opera or something. No wonder why the english teacher doesn't like her.

"Ok, open your textbooks to page three-hundred and fifty..."  As I took my book out, Tori, who was sitting right next to me, tossed a piece of paper onto my desk. I flipped to the assigned page before I opened it under my desk.

Are you gonna enter the Hawaii raffle? it read. I took my pencil and wrote back:

Where can you get the tickets? I scribbled down before tossing it into her lap. She quickly scanned it over and replied:

Front office. Lets go after this nightmare of a class.

Awesome. Can't wait.

As I was "getting a pencil out of my bag", I saw one of Mia's friends leaned over talking to her. I eyed the teacher(just a connection I have), I motioned with my eyes  to look back. He registered it and my planned worked perfectly. Well, almost perfectly. I snickered as the friend that she was talking to turned beet red and said something nerdy. Mission accomplished.

I didn't really pay attention that class(What am I worried about? I never do!). I was thinking about that raffle to Hawaii. How awesome would it be if I won? I could rub it in Mia's face for the rest of the year. Mabye the rest of her life if I was lucky...

The End

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