Mia- The Competition Begins

Emily. What a pathetic little loser. Her ugly little friends follow her like, everywhere. And she's not even cool. Like, I only make friends with all the pretty girls- though they're not as pretty as I am. Or as amazing. She can have her  nerds. I mean, right? I didn't even, like, understand her comeback, so it must have been totally stupid. Anyway, one of those little fat girls comes barreling down the hallway (pun intended, like, LOL), and she's telling like everyone she sees something. I don't, like, even listen to her, I just go straight to English. For some reason, my teacher, like, hates me in that class...

Anyway, like, as we're talking about some book I, like, didn't read, one of my girls leans over and asks me if I was going to enter the raffle. I, like, didn't want to look stupid, so I totally said of course. And so she was all like

"Oh, yea, totally! I hope you, like, win one ticket and I win the other!"

"Uh, yea, totally..."

As I'm, like, trying to figure out how to find out where the tickets get you, I totally decide to, like, never talk to this lame- o again. She's suuuch a suck up, like, seriously.

"So, like, what's it like over there?"

"Oh, Hawaii's totally cool, like, we're gonna have a great time. We'll see the-"

"Excuse me, Ms. Winkle, are you speaking to your friend about Anna Karenina?"

Like, the girl turns totally red, and then says some nerdy thing about how she thought Tolstoy really did hate Anna, and was simply trying to befriend her to the reader to betray their trust in her at the end or something. It was like, totally confusing. 

Up in the front of the room, that little pig face Emily is talking to her friends and laughing. About me, like, probably. Like, I totally hate that girl! I know how I'll, like, ruin her- I'll, like, get to go  to Hawaii and she won't! I'm, like such a genius...

The End

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