Pretty Disastrous

I scowled at the girls across the hall from my group, hoping they wouldn't see me. Actully, it wouldn't be a total disaster if they saw me.

I looked at the leader of their group; Mia. We had been enemies ever since kindergarten when she told everyone that I pick my nose. I mean, how gross is that? Every person stopped hanging out with me, except my friends.

Now we were seniors in high school. Pretty much everything was a compition between my friends and her friends. We were even when it came to how many friends we had.

We tried to keep as much distance between us and the enemies. But when we did collide in the halls, it was not a pretty picture.

Samantha and I are like leaders of the school. But we are like battling countries, fighting for the most power(not actully fighting, that would get me at risk  of breaking a nail). I had trained my girls to as fierce as possible if any Mia's girls got close. And so far I had taught them well.

"What are you doing Emily? Admiring my new top? Wishing you could be me?" I hadn't noticed that Mia had walked right in front of me, a perfect opportunity to attack. She didn't wait for an answer, so I called after her, "You wish I wish I were you!" She made a face at me and walked away. Whatever.

"Could she be anymore of a witch?" I complained to my best friend, Tori.

"If she got a huge wart, a pointy nose, and a black dress, then she would fit the part perfectly."

"I think she has all those things already." I told her. She giggled and I smiled to myself.

The End

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