Blinding neon signs flashed from every direction, reflecting in a pair of soft, blue-green pools.  Pools shifted curiously to the right and then to the left, up, down and every direction.  Eyelids were heavy and threatening to fall shut and a duo of arched feet was starting to ache inside of flat, worn out sneakers.  Only fools chose to wander about the city at this late hour; there were only two individuals that walked together.  Though these two were the only ones that could be spotted out in the open at such an hour, the diners, bars, and clubs were no doubt filled to the brim with all types of people; tipsy, drunk, or sober.  Without a doubt, drunkards were winning the majority of the area’s population on a night like this.

            A long and heavy sigh was heaved while simultaneously, a single body came to a very sudden rest in motion since she had been trying her best to keep up with her quick-footed companion.  A question was uttered, followed by a quickened pulse.  She was afraid of the answer.

            A towering, short-tempered male, which was her company, also stopped abruptly and turned around to face her.  Light eyes were locked with a darker pair for a few moments, not a trace of anxiety evident in this deep stare.

            Her expression presented nothing but shocked when her wish was granted, but her eyes remained glued to the paved cement sidewalk beneath the aforementioned duo of feet.  A futile staring contest between the girl and cement was suddenly cut off when she was intentionally knocked to the side.  Those blue-green orbs narrowed into deadly slits and she swiveled her head around to glare bullets through his clothed back.

            “Are you coming?” the harsh baritone voice fed her ears, causing her to react.  In no hurry at all she turned on her heels and trailed after him, ignoring the dull pain in both her feet and head.  Long-held air was released from her lungs, a puff of white mist exploding in front of her face.

            He could almost hear it, almost feel it within his very chest—her anxiously palpitating heart—as she spoke in a bold, unfazed voice.  “Stop acting the way you are.  It’s not necessary.”  She didn’t look at him, but kept her gaze locked on the path in front of her.  Her outward actions contradicted with what she was truly feeling.  Although she felt regretful and anxious for being so bitter, her lips were puckered and her eyebrows were pulled together in irritation.

            “Look at the sky,” he retorted calmly, and she obeyed, lifting her face up toward the heavens.  Dark, malignant clouds clothed the atmosphere, keeping the purple nighttime sky and the glorious light of the moon in captivity.

            “Oh. I get it,” was the only response he received.  Out of anxious habit she began to crack her knuckles one by one, enjoying the slight relief it awarded her.  However, once she realized that such an action was a nervous habit of hers, the teenager huffily shoved her hands in the pockets of her jean shorts and turned her head so that it was facing away from him.  The muscles in the brunette’s face relaxed into a smooth expression as she tried to calm herself, but a violent shiver visibly ran down her spine.  She silently cursed herself for not wearing warmer clothing.

            The both of them remained silent, walking at a slightly quicker pace.  Occasionally, both pairs of eyes would wander away from the path ahead and up at the sky, keeping tabs on depressingly gray clouds that were gradually creeping after them. 

            She felt utterly trapped.  She feared the male beside her.  She feared the clouds behind her.  She feared the memories that boldly stood before her, refusing to vanish and just be forgotten.  She cleared her mind, focusing only on one thing; the path ahead.  A deep, yet short rumble of thunder sounded, echoing off the soaring buildings of the city.  Icy drops of rain began to fall upon their heads and upon the ground. She lifted her face to meet them.  Drop after drop stung her cheeks, the tip of her nose, her exposed forehead, and she stopped walking to fully take in the swirled, dark mess high in the sky.  It had caught up already.

            Her lips barely moved as she spoke something in a hushed murmur.

            “No, that’s not it.  Now come on,” he commanded her, his vibrant eyes seeming to glow through the darkness as he peered down at the girl.  The young man’s fists clenched when his beckoning was blatantly ignored. 

            The rain seemed to turn into memories.  Scenes reflected in the water, flashing before her.  Memories turned into sadness, and sadness into tears that flowed like salty streams.  Pools overflowed, running, dripping off the cliff and into a vast ocean below.  She wanted to flee, but she was trapped again.  She searched for an escape but found none.  She paused, her thoughts clearing from her mind, and the memories wiping away for a mere moment.  Tension filled the air around her.  Anger almost radiated off of her companion’s body, causing her to thoughtlessly inch away from him.

            This can’t be happening.

            It was approaching.  She could feel itgrowing closer.

            Not now!

            Growing ire.

            God, please!

            She desperately searched for an answer in his face and she found it.

            There was passionate hatred.

            There was gross betrayal.

            There was bitter sadness.

            The young female slowly shifted her gaze to follow the eyes of her so-called companion.  She could see through the falling droplets of precipitation a figure so familiar it hurt.  His soaked, almond-colored hair shielded his vivid, indigo orbs as he stared an icy stare at them.  His cold, spine-rattling gaze shifted toward her.  When their eyes met, she limply tilted her head to the side and pushed all of the air out of her lungs hopelessly.  Her knees wobbled, threatening to fail her and her arm reached out toward him, wanting to get nearer.  Her jaw dropped ever so slightly to speak, but there were no words that seemed important enough to utter.  The streams resumed their flowing and her chin quivered sadly.  As unexpectedly and as dangerously as the lightning lit the sky, the indigo-eyed male was gone.  In a flash, he disappeared before their sight.  In awe she stood there, staring wide-eyed through the rain until she felt a warm hand grasp her wrist and drag her forward, literally pulling her back to reality.  She made little effort to keep up and was forced to stumble clumsily though the puddles of rainwater.

            “Come on, let’s go,” the furious male commanded in a fierce voice, still dragging her mercilessly along.  Stomping through the puddles—stomping through the memories—they made their way together through the storm.

The End

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