Chapter I

Technology has advanced to the point where gaming worlds are no longer a series of pixels on computer screens. When teenagers are given the opportunity to test this new virtual experience for themselves, they find themselves trapped in an impossible situation. A crazed megalomaniac with an army of convicts wants to rule this new world, and it's down to a group of teens to stop him. However, they can't hide behind graphics; if you die in the game, you die for real.

"Dammit!". It was already 7:30am, meaning his piece-of-junk alarm clock had failed to wake him up - again. He now had approximately 20 minutes to make it to the launch. Months of preparation and excitement could not now be lost because he'd overslept. He was going to get there on time, no matter what. In a flurry, he tore off his pyjamas and flung on the clothes he'd laid out the night before. Somehow, despite indignant protests of "I'll be up in time, it will be fine!", his mother had forseen him being in a rush and ordered him to prepare everything the previous evening. All he needed to do now was run his fingers through his hair, brush his teeth, and grab a piece of toast on his way out. He stood in front of the mirror outside his room to check that everything was as orderly as he cared to make it. His dark blue jeans weren't too badly creased and his white tshirt didn't have any ominous stains on it. He'd contemplated wearing one of his nerdier shirts with some kind of video game reference on them, but had then decided against it on the premise that someone else might wear the same shirt and make things awkward.

After brushing his teeth, he'd run down the stairs, then fallen the rest of the way down the stairs, and was now grabbing a piece of toast.
"Hey, that's mine!" Came a familiar voice from behind him.

"Aw, come on Di, I'm in a major rush!" He sighed

"Pssh, you're ALWAYS in a major rush. Besides, I'm sure the nerd convention won't be going anywhere. I mean let's be real, where else is it gonna go?"

"Very funny, but I really need to go." He pleaded. Rolling her eyes, Diana said,

"Fine! But if I die of starvation in the next 5 minutes, then it's your fault, Fin."

"Yeah, whatever". Fin stuffed the toast in his mouth and grabbed his bag from the front door. Just as he was about to leave, his mother called,

"Fin, honey! You forgot your shoes!" She was holding them aloft, smiling at her 16 year old son in amusement. Fin glanced down at his feet. In his panic, he'd forgotten to put shoes on. Flushing slightly, he retrieved his shoes from his mother. Once he'd put them on, his mother kissed him on the cheek and said,
"Go slay some dragons."

"Bye, mum," Fin replied, throwing his bag over his shoulder and walking down the front drive to the pavement. It was early morning, and Fin shivered slightly in the cool breeze. Yet still Summer hung in the air, and the scent of flowers and warmth followed him as the left behind the little culdesack of houses.

The End

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