A teenager comes into contact with a childhood kid who he bullied at an early age. What followed was a vicious beating that left him near death. When he was found, his father had to make a choice: freeze him or let him die. Frozen in a pod for however long, he wakes up to a world far different then the one he remembers.

Please tell me what you think of this. It's my first real piece of work and there will be quite a few mistakes that I take care of.


The mid-afternoon was warm, warmer than usual but tolerable enough for extended activities outside. Children of the many sub-urban houses were outside enjoying their time in the sun. The adults were shaping up their houses; mowing the lawn or trimming the hedges. Bruce walked around this neighbourhood for sometime, trying to find his way home. As he walked on the worn but clean sidewalks, he got the feeling that he was being watched. Perhaps from a house with dark rooms or an unseen stranger from an un-noticed corner of the block. Bruce was quite uncomfortable from this feeling and walked quicker. His posture would suggest he was ready to bolt if somebody did spring from the shadows. As he turned the corner he came upon a little park. Bruce crossed the street and stepped on the grass. Freshly mowed lawn was abundant in the air. Over by one of the trees he spied somebody resting there. He thought it best not to disturb this person. After all, who wouldn't be pissed if they were woken up from a nap on such a nice day? Briskly crossing the park, he still felt the feeling of being watched. He said to himself turn around. He did. "Bruce. Nice to see outside on such a nice day" said the stranger. Bruce thought to himself do I know him? "Yeah do I know you?" The stranger smiled and looked down. "Yes you do. We went to the same school. Bridget Moore. Grade 6 to 8" Bruce had flashback to his days of his old school. "I still don't know your name" The stranger just said "All you need to know is that this next bit will hurt" Bruce was confused for a second before a crack to the base of his skull forced him down to the ground. Everything was blurry and red. "You see Bruce, I was one of those individuals who was bullied and you were one of those who did the bullying if you remember. You picked on me constantly. I'm just sorry that I waited this long to get back at you" After the stranger finished his sentence, he sent his foot into Bruce's gut, making him lose his breath. The stranger looked up at the unknown assailant and said "Well grab his legs and pull him over there. We don't want anybody to ruin this moment" The man grabbed Bruce and dragged him towards a secluded spot. Bruce's mind was wheeling. His brain throbbed with intense pain and his gut felt like mashed potatoes. He tried to move but was quickly put back down. His head hurt too much to formulate a plan. All he could do was take it. Unbeknownst to him, he could take no more. "Alright Brucey time for a lesson in respect. Hold him" The stranger pulled back a branch he had pulled off from a nearby tree and whacked his knees. Bruce buckled and screamed before being muffled. "Ohhh looks like we got a sweet spot. Let's try another spot." With a swing of power, he brought the limb on his shoulder almost displacing his arm. It was too much for Bruce. Hot tears began to stream his face. Not tears of sadness but agony. The stranger gave another swing to his right side of his rib cage. Bruce could feel his ribs move and stab something in his chest. He felt lightheaded. Everything was in a blur now. "I think one more hit should suffice" Bruce was turned around and closed his eyes. The crack off his skull was the least of his worries. He was dropped and left in the shade. A passerby walking their dog found Bruce laying there and called the ambulance. For Bruce, it was just a blur with distorted voices. For a minute he felt the life seeping out of him then nothing. He was legally declared dead. The father of Bruce wasn't going to give up that easily. "Can't you save him somehow?" asked the father. The doctor rubbed his eyes thinking long and hard. "There are few things we can do with his case. Put him on life support and hope for the best. Or we can look into cryonics. I suggest you act fast because we can't keep him on ice forever. You can go over the prices of keeping your son in a cryogenic state with one of the agents of the American Cryonics Society", the father took a deep sigh and sat down. With his head in his hands, he wondered who had done this to his son. He peeked out from hands and saw feet. He looked up and saw an aged woman with glasses and kind eyes. By the looks of her, she was a suit but a well mannered suit. "Hello Mr. Stone. I am Sylvia. I'm with the American Cryonics Society and I understand that your son has been chosen to be put into suspended animation" she said with a smile. "Now before I talk prices with you, first let me say I am quite sorry about your son but worry not for the miracles of science will be able to preserve your son for future resuscitation. Hopefully in the future, the advancement of science will be great enough to fully revive and save your son." She pauses for a moment to allow all this to sink in. "Now for the prices. For whole body cryopreservation, prices range around $155,000. Since your son is a young adult it's quite affordable if you pay using life insurance which spreads the cost over the many years he will be frozen." The father's head was wheeling by now. So much to process in so little time.  "Fine...fine just save my son" The lady smiled her brightest and gave him the papers. "Just sign here and initial there and we'll be all set!" The father did what he was told and hoped for the best but prepared for the worst.





  "So what happened to this kid?" asked one of the men handling the cryogenic tube. "Obviously somebody didn't like they took care of him."  They wheeled him into a corridor, towards the centre of storage. "I'm kind of curious to see how most people would react to be woken up after being frozen. You think it's like being woken up from sleep walking?" asked the one janitor. "Harvey...I don't know but all I do know is that if you don't start wearing gloves, your hands are going to stick to the trolley" Entering the storage centre, they began searching for an available spot. "Hopefully this kid wakes up soon. It's quite sad to see such a life go to waste in a tube." "You do realize you don't age in one of these tubes. You're frozen which means everything stops. Think before you talk." They wheeled him into the first available spot they saw. Carefully they placed him into the pod's holder. Inserting any tubes needed to sustain him during his deep slumber. With a hiss, the tube settled into storage. For Bruce, in his frozen state, things would only get worse.



     Slow breathing. Iced eyes fluttering, trying to open. Eyes opening slowly. Looking around the frosty chamber, Bruce's eyes rested upon hoses running in and around his chamber. With a laboured effort, he un-clipped his harness and dropped hitting his head off the glass. Owww, he said to himself. He picked himself up in what little space he had and started to look around the chamber for a button to push. Unfortunately, life is not that easy. "Hello? I think I'm ready to get the hell out of this thing!" Bruce yelled but to no avail. "Ok so I'm stuck in this goddamn frozen land of metal. Fantastic" Bruce tried to wipe away the ice that coated the glass. Managing to only wipe away some of the icy contents, he glanced around the room. Much of it was covered in a sort of mist. Looking around some more, he saw the busted cryonic chambers next him, leaking out ice. "That explains the mist" Bruce said to himself. When he couldn't see anymore, he decided to give it a rest and began trying to make his out. Using what strength he had gathered in his short time of sight seeing, he began to push against the bulk of the door. When nothing happened, Bruce began to silently fume. "I hate this goddamn thing. Whose idea was it to place me in this frozen trap? And that bully!! I am going to kill that son of a bitch! And that one guy who whacked my head. Oh they are dead! They are safe now that I'm free! Well I'm not free yet but when I get out, the goddamn United Nations will have to intervene in order to stop me!" With that said, a hiss came from the bulk. The door opened slowly, leaving Bruce to stare out with a bewildered look on his face. "Perhaps I should rant more often" he said to himself as he stepped out. The mist covered most of the room so Bruce had to be careful. Waving away most of the mist he saw it then. Ice sickles had formed on the roof "Great. What is this place? Rapture? Do people not clean up the place?" Bruce looked around for a way through; staring at every angle until his eyes rested upon a small hole which he could crawl through. Almost slipping, he got down on all fours and began to crawl. "Nothing ventured, nothing gained" he said aloud. When he came out the other side, he saw a door which no doubt had an aged quality. Bruce glanced around, trying to find some kind of switch for the door. Much of the room had been covered in ice and a cool mist almost like it was hiding the state of the room. Thoughts had been racing through his mind; ranging from maintenance of the room to the reason of his late awakening. There could have been any reason for whoever was responsible to give him up for dead but Bruce only wanted to know one thing: where's the bathroom? After his departure from his pod, the feeling only hit him shortly after. Thinking for a few seconds where to pay the water bill; he decided to go in the corner. As he was relieving himself, he saw the ice melt away to reveal a cord running in from the wall. Looking around, he decided to aim up and follow the cord to a box hidden by the frost and ice. "Aha!" he laughed out loud. "I am so smart. Sometimes I amaze myself." The box as it turned out, was a switch for the decrepit door. Bruce was unclear whether or not the box he had just urinated on would work. "Only one way to find out" Running his fingers over the buttons, he chose the only one that looked familiar. An opening door. Pushing it, he could hear the door almost sigh as it tried with great effort to open. The rust on the door partly crumbled away as the door went up. Bruce stared through the other side of the door, only to see a semi-lit hallway. He shivered as though he had just entered the Arctic Circle. He looked both up and down the hallway, trying to decide which way to take. "Hello? Is there anybody here?" he called out to the lonesome hallways. In times of uncertainty, the only thing one must follow their feet.








                                     Following Your Feet



   Bruce was unsure if the building which he had been stored in was abandoned or if he was forgotten about but then he thought who would leave people in an abandoned building? In the hallway, Bruce felt the uncertainty of what may lay around the corners or behind the doors. For Bruce his next step was always a mystery. He didn't know where he was or the time of the day or the year for that matter. "Hello?" Bruce called out. Still no answer. He was tired and hungry and worse of all, he had to use to the bathroom. Roaming the halls with bare feet, he tried to find the solace of relief: a bathroom. Visitors centre he thought. That's where I should check. Scratching his head, he looked in all directions for any sign of his quest. "Something you are looking for?" said a voice. The voice startled Bruce. Looking around, he saw that there was a camera looking straight at him. Bruce moved closer towards it, noticing it was focusing on him. "I'll repeat the question if you like" said the voice again. The voice itself was quite a marvel. It sounded human but without the computer mimicry of a GPS system. With hesitation, Bruce answered. "I need to use the facilities". "Then you want the hallway on your left. Straight down, you will see the sign for both male and female." Bruce looked quite warily down the hallway to his left. "Just straight down?" he asked. "Follow the floor." Bruce looked down and saw that the tile floor had turned into a black space with a green arrow stretching down the hall. Quite bewildered at this site, he slowly followed the arrow while making sure not to step on the blackest part of the floor. "I can assure you it is quite safe. It's a holographic floor." Said the voice. Bruce was a tad relieved to hear this news but realized the urgency of his previous quest. Down the stretch of the hall, where the green arrow was flashing towards his goal, he noticed a continuous strip of light that flowed along the walls of the hallway. "Security strip. I have more than one way to see and hear you". "Yeah that's not creepy at all. There aren't any in the bathroom...right?" Bruce asked. The voice said nothing. "Your silence is very reassuring." Bruce said with a sarcastic coating on his voice. Finally, he saw his goal. "Oh thank you modern marvels of engineering!" he exclaimed. Running into the bathroom, he had laid eyes on the cleanest bathroom ever. He chose not to question why it was so clean. Instead, decided to go to the closest stall and do exactly what he had quested for. While sitting that stall, he looked through the crack to see a strip of light. "Can you not look?" he asked. "I have to. It is not as simple as, say your closing your eyes." "So? Can't you look elsewhere then?". "I am currently viewing 200 different areas around the facility." With the flush of the toilet, Bruce stepped out towards the sink. He then noticed there was no tap or anything. "Ok I'm confused." "Place your hands in the sink." Said the voice. Bruce slowly placed his hands in the sink. At that very instance, the sink filled up with a gel. He was stuck. "Do not struggle. It will go quicker." Bruce pulled with all his might, struggling the pull his hands from the hardening gel. "What are you doing to me!" he shouted. ‘Stop it!  Let me go!" With his last word, he heard a ding and found himself on the floor before he could blink. He looked at his hands and saw all the hardened gel was diminishing. "The gel cleans better than soap. He goes deep to rid of kind of germs you may have picked up and will fight any future invaders."  Bruce took one last look at his hands and said "Cool." He stood up and brushed himself off, wondering who this was. It's hard to think of him as a computer. There was no way he was gone that long. Holographic floors? Security strips? Gel wash? Bruce knew he had to find out what was going on.  He was afraid to ask about his current problem as he wasn't sure if this voice could give him the answer. The room was very quiet. "What do I call you? I don't really know who you are or if you are even human." The voice finally spoke up. "You can call me...Mystery. I think it is quite fitting since you will never know."  Comforting Bruce thought. "You must be hungry. Perhaps you should visit the cafeteria. I believe there are some produce generators that are still online." Bruce opened the bathroom door and entered into the hallway. At his feet he saw the flashing green arrow sporadically stretching the hall. He followed it around the corners of the facility until he came onto the offices. The room felt like death. "This room is very....spooky." It smellled musty. A kind of old cabin feeling was about the rooms. "Jack Nicholson isn't going to jump out with an axe is he?" Bruce said humorously. He walked past the rows of dusty and decrepit desks, past the office walls to another room. The most curious thing about the rooms is that on every table, there were glasses. Strange but nothing really more significant than food right now. "Ok Mystery, which way? You kind of changed the route on me." The green arrow which originally was pointing right has gone left. "Just a stop somewhere. Something you'll need. For later of course." Bruce continued on his changed course down the white hallway. "Why are these hallways so white? It's blinding." The lights went off. Bruce stopped in his tracks and sighed "Funny" Suddenly everything came back on but the walls weren't white anymore but black with red stripes. Bruce was very confused by now. "Mystery" he asked "What the hell happened? What did you do?" Bruce moved closer to the walls and touched them. They rippled at his touch. "The walls are screens. Used to simulate whatever the administrator desires" Answered Mystery. "How long have I been gone?!" he exclaimed. "Screens on the walls! HA! What's next? Hover cars and world peace?" Mystery was quiet. "Never mind. Onwards we go." Bruce followed the expanding hallway to a much larger room. It looked like a lobby. "The room on your left. Enter it and you will see a shelf. Go to that shelf and grab its contents." said Mystery. Bruce did what he was told. He pushed the door and heard the rusty bolts move. He entered the room and smelled the same musky feeling back in the offices. Another familiar sight was the glasses. To his left he saw the shelf Mystery was talking about and opened the doors. Inside were glasses. He picked them up and moved them around. They didn't look special but they were familiar. The same ones he saw in the offices and the desk. "Glasses? Really?" he said. "Put them on" Mystery demanded. Bruce sighed and shook his head and placed the tips on his ears. A sharp pain hit him quickly as the tips shocked him. He recoiled as it kept shocking him. He let out a cry of pain as his muscles twitched. He even felt his spine sparking. When it stopped, he took a moment to regain his strength. When he got enough energy, he stood up and brushed himself off and said "Mystery. I hate you." Bruce imagined whoever it was to be laughing at his misfortune. "The glasses are imprinted to you. You will need them in the cafeteria as well as throughout the facility." The lenses came to life. With streams of coding as if it was starting up, like a computer. When it was finished, a video came on. A woman appeared with a friendly smile. "Hello. I am pleased to welcome you to today's new technology. These glasses will help you keep up with today's planning along with the inner workings of your building or house. Want to go somewhere? Just use the GPS and the arrows will take you there! All you have to do is feel and the glasses will do the rest. In order to see what's ahead in the future, one must just open their eyes!" The woman smiled and finally said "Illusio Corp thanks you for your continued support of its innovations." When the video turned off, the glasses went back to normal. Bruce just stood there. Wondering, how long was I gone?





The End

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