Presence: Chapter One: "Him"

Hi, I'm Elenor. Ella to my friends. Friend now, that is. I'm a normal girl, you know, school, mates and dates. Well I WAS a normal girl. I'm not anymore. Heres my story.

It was weird, I was just walking along without a care in the world, when he appeared. Just by his appearance from 50 feet away, I could tell he was different, almost lifeless, almost. I stalled, stared and stared. I realised he saw me too, I was probably freaking him out. So I decided I'd better move again. I tried to lift my foot off the path but it wouldn't budge,I looked down, I wasn't glued. It was just my feet were still frozen, like my brain didn't send the message to move again. People were starting to stare, but I didn't care, so long as I wasn't freaking the guy out. He was as intranced as I was.But then suddenly my feet started to moving, now I didn't want the too. But the good thing was i was heading towards the mysterious man. He started to smile, so i forced a smile out too. This made him beam. He wasn't the prettiest man ever, but he was just "perfect". The walk to him felt like, forever. As I got closer he started to look alerted and his eyes started darting around and when I was arms length from touching him he darted down the street. I automatically followed, confused as to why he ran away; when he had genuinaly seemed so intrigued too. Maybe he wasn't even there, maybe he was just another one of my many halucinations. But this time i was nearly certain that this time i wasn't seeing things. But again who can trust my thoughts. I ran faster, still I couldn't keep up with him, Then again, no one can run slower than me. I suddenly got an urge to run faster. I was confused; I was running my full speed already, wasn't I? Anyway that didn't matter now. The important thing was to find 'him'. I  ran as fast as I could and turned the corner into the alley way. There he was, lying on the ground, lifeless, like a rock, frozen. I stared, shocked. I didn't know what to do, so i approached him, slowy and carefully. "Hello" I said, my voice trembling with fear. "Help" he whispered back," Oh of course!, What do you need?" I asked wearily. " An ambulance PLEASE!" He shouted out. " Sure " I replied not knowing what else to say.

The End

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