Prepare For War

World War I

It was, once again the middle of Autumn in Sydney, Australia 1914. The days were cold, and windy as the wind drifted off the Sydney Harbour into my small house by the harbour. I sat by my window watching the first drop of rain hit the damp, cold, hard ground. I looked over the beautiful harbour, wondering what was on the other side. Wondering if there was someone out there longing for help. I sat for another hour before dinner was ready.I was tired and weak because I have been sick for at least a week now. The aroma from my mothers home made pumpkin soup drifted in through the cracks of my old, creeky, wooden bedroom door. I got up  and left my cold room, and headed towards the kitchen. I could feel the warmth of the wooden fire that was situated to my left in the dining area, and the scent of mums cooking, knowing it was almost ready.

 By the time I had eaten all my dinner and bread rolls, I wanted more. But I also knew that my father still had to eat. We weren't sure when he would be home. Not sure if he would even be home for dinner tonight. He had enlisted in the army, so he had some very harsh training to accomplish. Every night at about ten o'clock, he would come through the door with cuts and bruises all over himself. But we all knew that that was nothing compared to what could happen to him in the war. As we do every night after dinner, we switched on the radio to listen to any news on anything. Such as parades, carnivals, sporting events and anything like that. But there was nothing tonight. Except for one that caught my attention. "You can be a hero. Save your family. Save yourself. Save our country!" the man over the radio said in a very steady, serious voice. I knew he was referring to the war. But I never realised how serious this was, and how my father will be in the war and may never return.

The End

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