Chapter Two: Bring on the Training!

"Chug, chug, chug," I whispered so I won't call attention to us. Remember how I said I won that little fight over who gets the water bottle? Ha, I'm forcing Mickey to drink it now.

Mickey took one last gulp, and gasped for air. I giggled, then stopped when I heard loud footsteps coming into the lunchroom.

It was Colonel Finch. He was probably here to tell us our training session has been cancelled since so many ding-dongs got pizza.

But... he was still walking.

Towards us.

And he didn't stop until we were all nose-to-nose. Hypothetically speaking, of course.

"Agent Grey? We need to talk," he said calmly. I got up without asking what for, and followed him to his office.

"What's the matter, Colonel?" I asked once we were in the room. He looked serious when he glared at me. It wasn't an evil glare, by the way.

"I have a favor to ask you," he paused, fixing some papers boredly. "But first I want you to go through some... special training."


Ok, I'm in a room, but I have no idea where. They blindfolded me when they brought me here. Jeez, can't they trust me? Good thing they took it off, because it was obviously a training session room.

"Agent Sierra Grey?" a woman in a black jumpsuit asked. I nodded.

"Follow me." I did. She led me to another small room. She handed me a small black bag, and I opened it. I pulled out a similar jumpsuit, but more blue and yellow than black.

"Go change," she ordered, opening a door to a closet. I didn't feel like sassing, so I obeyed quietly.

"Done. Can you unlock the door?" I ask through the heavy wooden door. She had locked it from the outside. There wasn't an answer.

She had left! Rude!

I bit my lip, thinking of what to do. I took into note that the room was pretty small, maybe about 3 hours until I ran out of oxygen. There wasn't any ledges or hidden spaces... No problem.

Wait-- Is that ticking? I put my ear to the door, listening hard.

Tick. Tock. Tick. Tock.

It was ticking... like... bomb ticking. I listened harder to see if I could possibly identify the object correctly. Yep, definitely a bomb, and not the sonic-blast ones they use in training. Those real-life bombs that kill people in Iraq. And by the sounds of it, more than at least 10.

Wait—then what the heck was I doing standing around?! I needed to find a way out and how to shut that thing off! I wasn’t sure how close were to civilization! Or worse...

The school!

The End

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