Prep and Armed

A young girl's first ever mission... that she CANNOT fail. So... does she succeed, or is the US paying for her failure? Find out, right here!

Ok, so there I was, putting my stuff away like some normal girl going into a new school, when I'm suddenly grabbed from behind! How rude!

Well, I'm not just gonna let this creep take me for advantage, so I elbow him. I grab his wrist and slip under, so now I'm behind him, his wrist twisted behind him, too. I could kinda tell I hurt him, from his yelp.

Wait... I know that cry! I thought as I threw him to the ground. I pinned him and put my legs over his torso and sat my butt down. Before, of course, I could get a good look at his face, he flips me, and sits on me! Ugh!

I struggled to get out from under him, but ultmately failed. I groaned.

"Mickey, get that darn hair outta your face!" I told the boy on top of me. He laughed, and got off of me. Like a gentleman, he helped me up too.

"No. You attacked me," I sassed. I ruffled his dark hair out of his face. I smiled when I could finally see his light green eyes. It was kinda weird, but kinda cool, his eyes. Mostly all of his body was dark (but he was Caucasian), even his clothes. But, his eyes were so light they were almost white. Oh my gosh, did I just rhyme?

"That's better."

Micheal (his real name) rolled his eyes, looking around the room. I nudged him.

Nothing, so I nudged him again.

He looked at me. Waiting and not getting anything, I nudged him again in the chest. Hard, too.

Finally, he smiled. Or, at least smirked. It still counted, eh?

It didn't last long. "Come on, Rah. I'm hungry, let's go."

I narrowed my brown eyes and wrinkled my freckled nose at my best friend. He's just staring at me, so I smile under-pressure.


"Rah! There you are!" cried my 2nd best friend, Fawn. She was sitting across from Mickey, waving her hand like some idiot. Well, that's Fawn for ya, one big fat dumb blonde. Even though she's a brunette.

I walked over, cuz I'm not that popular and don't have much friends besides those two. I set my tray of salad down. Fawn looked at me like I was crazy, and I noticed she had two pizza slices. Well... two pizza crusts. She'd already eaten them both.

"What's wrong with you, S?" she asked, like she was talking to another one of her kind.

I looked at her with an expression that said, "Forgetting something?"

"What?" she asked, taking a bit gulp of her soda. My expression changes.

"Tried to warn 'er," Mickey piped in.

"Shut up, Mickey!" Fawn scowled. Mickey leaned foward, a meaner scowl on his face.

"Don't. Call. Me. That," he warned. Did I mention my two BFF's hate each other?

Fawn put her drink down softly, her big brown eyes narrowed so they looked black and evil. We should know.

"Why?" she asked, sending off her natural sass. "Rah can call you that. Why can't I?"

Mickey looked at me, and then back at Fawn. Then at me, back at Fawn, and back at me. He finally landed on Fawn. He made a quick quirk of his lips.

"Simple... She's my best friend. I hate you." Before it got out of hand, I decided to take initiative.

"Hey! Knock it off!" I said sternly, getting in the middle of him. Fawn leaned back, but Mickey stayed where he was. I turned to him, our faces kinda close. Eh, I'm used to it. I always have to do this in training, anyway.

"Micheal, please stop," I ask polietly, using his birth name, not nickname. He looks in my eyes, and then back at Fawn, but only briefly. He looked at me for a bit more, then leaned back. I sat back after I was sure they weren't going to lunge at each other's throats.

"Now, eat something." I pushed my tray towards the empty space in front of him. I wasn't looking, but I looked over when there was an abrubt stop. It was Mickey. He put his hand down, and he was looking at me.

"No. You eat. You need the energy," he told me. I took my hand of the tray and crossed my arms.


"Yes." I could tell in his tone he was trying his best not to growl at me. I heard Fawn get up, but I wasn't taking my eyes off of Mickey's. I was not losing this 'battle'.

I leaned in, my eyes narrowing dangerously. I took his wrist once again in a death-grip. I lifted it off the tray. It was easy, considering Mickey wasn't trying.

"You. Eat," I warned. He looked deep into my eyes. I got a chill sent up and down my spine.

Mickey lightened up. I loosened my grip.

"We both... share," he offered. I let go of him. I shrug, then smile.

"Nice negotiating," I praise. His lips quirk up in a brief smile. I unwrapped both of the forks, and we shared the large salad I got. I offered to let him have the water, but that ended up in another little friendly quarrel.

I won.

The End

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