Prelude to Hysteria

About a girl who's imagination that knows no end becomes her downfall...

What is love...?


She sits alone, floating down a stream on a giant lily pad. The sky is like no other... Bright and blinding, yet dark and dull. It is the kind of sky she likes best. Is there nothing more calming than laying on your back and watching the clouds go by? They're somehow representative of your life... There are many changes in the wind and sometimes it's bright and sometimes it's dark. She closes her eyes in a contemplative state of mind, while listening to the sound of the river and grass as it's moved by the wind.


With no thoughts whatsoever she drifts off to sleep and begins to dream...


All you hear is her panting coming from the other end of a seemingly endless hallway. You are her love, waiting... Watching... She's running away from all the things she hates. All the people who keep chasing after her. They scare her! She needs you now, she needs your protection. She misses that intimidating stare you give to all who try to steal her away...

She continues running away from the mob of nightmares that is closing in on her. She's running right at you and you reach out to grab her. Just as she's within your reach she runs right through you as if she was a ghost. You turn around to see if she's gone but all you see is an endless chasm behind you. Your breathing is heavy and you hear her scream. You kneel down and look over the edge and she's falling into hell right before your eyes and you can't do anything about it! So would you jump off and join her? Is this love???


With a gasp she awakens. Her heart is pounding so hard she can hear it. Lying before her is a waterfall. The sounds of the rushing water is deafening... She knows she's about to meet her end but she will not move. She accepts her fate and rises to her feet and just as the lily pad reaches the edge she jumps.

"So, this is how it feels to fly...", she says solemnly. The wind brushes over her like a breath of fresh air. Eyes closed, she braces for impact with the water...


(To be continued... hopefully.)

The End

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