Pre-history of Yadout

Like tiny footsteps running on rocks the rain pelted the small island country of Yadout. The dark night seemed to never end, but this was welcome to the people of the tired nation and the country slept.

Slowly the boy climbed over the stone houses, careful to make as little noise as possible. Though only seven the boy has adapted to the kind of life he lives, sleeping through most of the day and moving about at night.

Plopping himself down on the roof of a house he lays back letting the rain pelt him instead of the building. The moonlight breaks through the clouds and the rain stops for a moment; the boy opens his eyes and scans the breaking clouds. He wouldn't be here if his brother hadn't gone to Zibwee to study with the religious scholars, but he didn't blame Tom, he only blamed himself.

With a single graceful move he spun himself into a sitting position and off the roof landing with one hand on the muddy ground and the other in the small bag on his back, reaching for the lock picks.

Only recently the people of Yadout have taken to locking their doors and patrolling their streets. Of course Yadout had never had to deal with thieves as skilled as this boy. The boy takes a quick look around for and patrolling citizens before inserting the lock picks.

He wipes a drop of rain from his nose as he begins to prod the lock, learning the insides of the mechanism. With a click and a smirk the door unlocks and swings open smoothly.

Wiping the slick hair out of his eyes he steps inside and closes the door carefully behind himself. 'Time to focus.' He says quietly to himself. 'We don't want a repeat of last time.' The boy had nearly been caught for the first time ever when a family heirloom caught his eye, an item he wouldn't be able to sell in such a tight knit community.

'Just some money.' He says looking around; money switches hands so much that there is no way of tracking if someone, in a country of three hundred, has an improper gain.

The first thing the boy notices, is how well off this family must be. He recognizes a chest made by his master and knows that this would not have come cheap. Quickly admiring the craftsmanship he finds the mark on the back that was his personal, nearly invisible, signature. If master Michael learns of his mark the boy could find himself without a job, with what he's earning now though there wouldn't be much difference.

He pushes aside a curtain leading into one of the rooms and finds a single sleeping figure lying on the bed. An empty window casts light into the room but the only money the boy can see is on the end table, he won't wake the person up but this isn't enough for all of tomorrow on its own.

The boy takes out a small cloth and opens it up; his final five coins rest here quietly. One at a time he places the coins into the cloth, the person on the bed doesn't move. With a smile he leans over to get a better view of the person and as he does so, he notices a small bag of coins on the windowsill.

Though he could have simply gone outside and retrieved it from the other end, something over came him. He leans forward over the bed of the sleeping person and snatches the bag greedily. The coins inside jingle, a bell that reminds him where he is. The person stirs and awakens.

"Who are you?" Asks the girl calmly. Stumbling backwards the boy falls over himself the bag of coins falling from his hands and scattering noisily over the floor.

His feet scatter underneath him and he pushes himself quickly out of the room and out of the house. The rain had come back in full force and pelts the boy as he retreats from the house. The little girl, intrigued about the stranger in her room, hops out the window and follows him.

He runs back to the house that he made for himself, a long run for him and for the tag-along that he's picked up. A five minute run north to cross over to the center island and then turning west to take another bridge to military island. The boy scampers into the gathering of trees that can hardly be called a forest, the huffing and tired girl enters the small forest after him.

Cold and wet the little girl wants to go home, but she's lost and the only thing that she knows is that this boy knew how to get here. He must know the way back.

The boy climbs up into the small tree house he made for himself and stares out an opening leading out to the ocean. He can't hear the girl below catching her breath over his own heavy breathing.

"Hewol?" She calls up after a moment. The boy is petrified that someone found his secret place. For a moment he doesn’t respond. "Hewoooollll!" She calls again, her voice starting to tremble.

Reluctantly the boy sticks his head out over the side and speaks down to the girl. "Hi!" He says happily realizing she's not an adult.

"Who awe you?" She asks, happy that she didn’t loose him. Once again hope fills her heart that she'll find her way back to her warm bed. She's regretting having ever left.

The boy doesn't answer, thinking about what to say. "I can't tell you." He says finally.

"Why not?" She asks innocently.

"You'll tell someone. I'll get in trouble!" He says sadly, afraid that his life as he knows it is over again.

"I pwomise I won't." She says truthfully.

He doesn't answer still. "Really?" He says hopefully. The girl nods vigorously. "Alright." He drops out of the trees like the drops of rain. "I'm Deany." He says landing next to her.

She giggles. "Deany." She says, committing it to memory. "I'm Ambow." She starts to swing back and forth, her arms in front of her.

"Ambow?" He asks.

"No, Ambow!" She shoots back.

"Amb, Ambow, Amber! You're names Amber?" Deany say pointing at her. She nods again. "Why did you follow me?" He asks.

Amber looks at him innocently, "Why wewre you taking my money?"

He looks down at the ground, ashamed. "I'm sorry." Deany mumbles.

"Whe' a we?" Amber asks looking around, her black hair sticking to the back of her nightgown.

"Military Island, my home." Deany tells her, she looks at him quizzically.

"Whe's my home?"

"You live back there." He says pointing to the mainland. She follows his finger and looks.

"Oh!" She looks back at him. "Tanks!" She squeeks before taking off in that direction.

"Wait!" She stops and swings around. Looking at him expectantly. "Do you want me to show you?"

She thinks for a moment, "Yeah, maybay." She says happily. He runs up to her and grabs her hand and they walk back to her home.

The End

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