You see a gazelle in view. It's minding its own business, roaming through the grassy lands of Africa. Then you hear a growl amongst the wheat-colored bushes. The sun beats down and the cheetah comes into view. You see it approach the gazelle slowly, its face fierce and ready to have a meal.

This encounter, the famous encounter shown on Animal Planet and other crappy shows like this, had modeled my life forever. I am the cheetah. Except I hunt for people. No, I'm not a vampire. I'm a predator. I have human-like features, except my senses are enhanced, my body is lean and tall, and I am beautiful. Pleasing to the mere human eye. I'm not searching for blood. I'm searching for flesh. A body to feast. I'm not cruel. Only low-life people are those that I feed off. But, I'm still in training. Predator High. A typical teenage school... kinda.

The End

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