Verse IIIMature


"Ah, hello Miss Nolan!" Dr. Joseph smiles at the door. "Please do come in!"

The girl files in and shuts the door quietly. She is a little fragile porcelain doll brought to life. Her dirty blond hair is styled into little ringlets. She wears a calf length black skirt and a brown polo shirt with the word Messina embroidered into it. She can't be more than five feet tall. She's skin and bone, and her skin is sickly white.

"Miss Nolan, I would like for you to meet Rosalind Thatcher. She will be your new roommate. Miss Thatcher, this is Paulina Nolan. I hope that you will become friends, and that your relationship will remain, ah, platonic. Oh! I forgot! Miss Nolan, you do not suffer from SSA, am I correct? Please, disregard my previous statement."

"SSA?" I wonder aloud.

Dr. Joseph goes to page the security goons that escorted me to her office. "Your disease, Miss Thatcher. SSA stands for Same Sex Attraction."

"Excuse you?" My acrid words could burn right through her flesh. "My disease?"

Paulina Nolan watches intently. She probably wants me to take a swing. Hell, I want to take a swing. But before I can, the two goons from before, Slap Happy and Mr. Mutter, reappear.

"Please escort Miss Nolan and Miss Thatcher to their room. I look forward to working with you, Miss Thatcher."

Slap Happy takes me by the shoulder.

"Hey, watch your hands, Grabby! Need some help with that?"

He kicks me in the kneecaps.

"Son of a BITCH!" I howl, collapsing.

"There will be no swearing within this facility Miss Thatcher!" Dr. Joseph sharply reprimands me.

Slap Happy half drags-half leads me down the hallway. Mr. Mutter allows Paulina Nolan to walks a few steps ahead of him. Must be veteran perks. I glare at her. What a bitch, I decide.


After three right turns, one elevator ride down, and two ramps, we arrive at Suite 211E. There's a porthole, allowing me a glimpse of a world that I will soon know as home. There's no knob on the door, just a keypad on the outside that will obviously lock us in. Mr. Mutter leans over the pad so we can't see the code. I hear seven beeps as he punches a code in, then there's a buzz and the door slowly slides open.

Up against the left wall are two slats with futons atop them sticking out of the wall, one on top of the other. The top bunk has a few pictures on the wall surrounding, telling me I'm on the bottom. Should be a new experience for me.

There's a toilet out in the open. I'm not thrilled that I have to watch the Corpse Doll pee...or worse. There is a table that has a brown Bible on it, probably Paulina Nolan's. There are no windows except for the porthole. Everything is a dull, pale grey.

Mr. Mutter hands me a large duffle bag.

"This has everything you will require at Messina." Slap Happy narrates. "Make yourself comfortable." he snickers, handing me a brown book identical to Paulina Nolan's. On top are a few pieces of paper. "See ya tomorrow, Thatcher."

"I'll miss you! Don't forget to write!" I call.

"You watch it, young lady."

Mr. Mutter whispers something to Paulina Nolan, and hands her a slip of paper when Slap Happy's back is turned. They leave the cell that will be my home.


The End

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