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Rosalind is a lesbian. And that's her business, right? Wrong. Within two weeks of coming out, her parents have her shipped off to Messina Rehabilitation Center. Rosalind has heard of "praying the gay away". But what if she doesn't want to? The people at Messina won't take no for an answer. Rosalind has some surprisingly strong allies and a willpower to match. But sometimes that's not enough.

TRIGGER WARNING: Rated TV-MA DLSV. Reader discretion advised. If you're wondering whether or not to read, please directly message me as I don't want to give any spoilers.


The first thought I have as I walk through the hallways to the office reading the brochure is,  Well, that wasn't on the sign outside. I realize what I'm doing here. They had this planned out all along. And I fell for it like an idiot.

I look back at my family. My father looks at everything except for me. My mother's eyes coldly bore through me. She has an iron grasp on my sister, who is sobbing. My little brother is too immersed in his GameBoy to even register anything occurring.

We get closer to the door, and just before they pull me through, I break my stony resolve and wail, "Mama! Please!" But she is deaf to my words. Because to her, I am dead.

And the door slams behind us.


Okay, that was a bit abrupt. I had to hook you into my story somehow. You're mine now! Muhahahaha! Wait, please don't leave! It's a very good story, I swear! Just stick with me. Please?

Again, I apologize for my very sudden beginning. I should introduce myself. My name is Rosalind. I'm seventeen. I was a junior at my local high school in Waterloo, Utah, home of hillbillies and Bible thumpers. I guess you could say I'm "normal". At my time in high school, I ran cross country in the fall and played softball in the spring. I excelled in French, less so in English. I was in no way popular. But I had my small group of friends. I was inseparable from Bianca and Celia, the catcher and shortstop on the softball team, respectively. I went to church solely to humor my mother, just like my dad. My little brother was a pain in my rear at ten years old, and my little sister always did my English homework for me while I did her math homework for her. Oh, one more thing you should know about me...

I'm a lesbian.

It shouldn't be important, because what's important is that you get to know me as a person rather than a sexuality. But unfortunately, my sexuality is a driving force in this chapter of my life, so I just thought you should know. Like it or not, it's here to stay. Now, if only someone could tell my mother that.

The End

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