Mayor Lancaster

"What do you mean 'more money'?" asked Mayor Lancaster incredulously.

"I mean exactly that. The school needs more money if it is to be run properly." Ray Tidwell, principal of Welton Academy, repeated.

"Where do you expect me to get more money from? Just fire a few teachers and all will be well." Lancaster suggested.

"We're already short on teachers. Our infrastructure is seriously lacking as well. We need the funds."

"Your incapability of running your school is really starting to get to me, Mr. Tidwell."

"Where is all the money from the education fund?" Tidwell demanded. "How do you expect me to..."

"I don't like the tone you are taking with me, Tidwell." Lancaster warned. "Just remember who runs this town, and who is just a principal."

"Well, you know what?" Tidwell said, getting up from the chair. "I think I'm going to run for mayor in the next election. Somebody needs to handle this town properly, and that somebody is obviously not you." Tidwell slammed the door as he exited the office.

Problems, problems, problems, Lancaster thought. How did Tidwell expect him to give that much money from the education fund and still maintain his own Red Mansion at the edge of town?

Lancaster had his own financial problems, after all. Nobody had bothered to bribe him in weeks. Plus, people kept troubling him about all their insignificant problems like education, health, transportation and all that junk. It was all starting to get on his nerves.

Mayor Lancaster had no idea about the things that would befall him in a few days' time.

The End

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