Prank Reaction


The friendly sun passed behind the tall trees that lined the neighborhood street, shining across the freshly mowed lawns of green and over the freshly painted fences of brown. Dogs barked, children cried to one another, and vehicles passed gently down each lane, pausing for the street hockey games and crunching carefully into each respective driveway. Parents took their children to the park, worked in their gardens, and sat on their decks reading books and drinking lemonade.

The day was one to be remembered when the world grew old. It had a life and a peace that stayed within the heart forever.

Across the school field; through the midst of a game of grass-staining, shoe-throwing, tackling neighborhood soccer; and past the forgotten playground of shiny red metal there was the slope that led to the forbidden clump of trees.

During school hours, no one was allowed to enter even the  grasses that skirted the slope, and to enter the old beaten trees at the top was forbidden. The lunch monitors would execute you and throw you to the principal like an offering of sacrifice.

But here and now, on a sunny weekend, there were kids in the forest. Older kids, maybe they weren't even kids, maybe they were actually members of a Top Secret Organization. They were sitting in a grand fort within an old oak tree, and they were holding a meeting.

"All in favor of Tom's idea," announced Jon.

Four hands were raised. Then four pairs of eyes were turned to Tyrone.

"What?" he asked in defense. "I don't think his idea is good enough for us. We can do better."

"Better?" asked Tom. "Who're you to talk? You're the one who got us in big trouble with that plan--"

"Tom, calm down. Let him speak. This is a dignified and structured meeting," Jon said.

Tom went silent and all eyes were on Tyrone.

Tyrone smirked. "I say we target someone of more importance."

"Like who?"

"Like Mayor Lancaster," Tyrone said, soaking up the incredulous reactions from his friends with beaming arrogance.

"The mayor?" cried Derek. "Are you crazy?"

"No. I am just tired of working mediocre pranks. I want to go higher. And nobody likes the mayor. My parents complain about him all the time. Don't yours?"

The others slowly mumbled their agreement, but they were all still worried about the implications of Tyrone's crazy idea.

"All in favor?" asked Tyrone, before anyone could sort their thoughts.

A few seconds passed as the presence of the double-doggy-dare hid behind every tense expression. Then all hands were slowly raised.

The End

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