A Good Night

The act of removing dead bodies from a hideout was not one of Tanz's favorite chores. THe Baturan Assassin's girl - Kierst - didn't help as per Tor's orders. She didn't need to overwork herself, he had said, but Tanz knew the man just had a soft spot for her. Why did they not just dance? Wasn't that the best way to show an affection? 

Well, maybe not to Baturans... Or to Tanzz's own people... or to anyone else he had met. 

Oh well. Tanz was still more annoyed with the fact that Reiher had escaped moving the bodies, saying he was going to 'watch for more enemies.' He was just lazy...

"Tor," Tanz asked as the pair of them removed another body via a back entrance they had found, "Do you suppose Reiher is lazy or overly cautious?"

"I do not know him well enough to say," the larger man replied, "Why?"

"Just trying to come up with something to tell the King," Tanz said with a devious smile. With Reiher's ability and Tanz's fame for being hard to get along with, a formal complaint wouldn't get the sniper in trouble at all, but it would ensure that Tanz wouldn't need to work with him any longer. He was getting annoying with his lack of talking. "Anyway, how shall we initiate your little dance with the Emperor?"

"How would you do it?" Smart man. Never reveal your tricks until you find a partner you know is trustworthy. Tor knew how to dance politically, so far.

"Well, I would simply walk up to the man and ask him to dance," Tanz said sweetly, his blonde hair swaying as a bit of wind came in the open door. Well, dead bodies didn't smell bad so fresh, usually, but these men had lacked a proper bath... 

"So challenge him to a duel?"

"I never said that," Tanz said in defense, "Just that we simply have to move to his location when he's alone and take him out."

Tor looked annoyed. Was that just a cover, though? "That's not very helpful."

"Who said I was trying to be helpful?"

Tor looked surprised. "I thought you were supposed to-"

Tanz laughed, cutting off the other man. "See, in FallenDamen, we have a rule: Strive to succeed alone. Our society is based on talent and aptitude for a skill, therefor we have to figure out how to do things without any outside help, else we wind up being dependent and weak." Tanz smiled at the Baturan. Just because Tanz was an oddity in his home, he was still a FallenDamen man.

"Relying on people is not weakness," Tor stated. Well, there was no humor in that... Boring.

"In any case, I am anxious to see what happens." Tanz left the conversation after that. He did not feel like arguing ideals with someone who wasn't even part of his own kingdom. Instead, he had to speak with Reiher, sadly. 

It wasn't hard to find the sniper, really. Just look for the clearest area. Outside the hideout, where they had come in from, was Reiher, patrolling the borders for people who only danced with their own deaths as far as the sniper was concerned. 

"I see you are hard at work," Tanz said with a hint of a smile. Just a hint and no more. The sniper didn't deserve more with how boring he was.

Instead of replying, Reiher simply gave Tanz a look and walked away. That little... Eh, it didn't matter. Tanz would just let the man continue to be this way... He guessed... "Hey, Reiher," Tanz called.

Reiher looked back.

"You know that girl is twenty, right?"

"I know."

Tanz laughed. "So, she looks like your sister?" Reiher didn't respond, but simply kept walking along, continuing his partrol. 

Well, tonight had been good. Reiher still would protect the girl, allowing Tor to focus on fighting. Sure, it sucked that the sniper wasn't bothered by anything Tanz had said, but it was fine. This mission would be over before long. It also helped that Tor seemed to have some idea how to accomplish this dance of instant death. 

Now, all Tanz had to do was steal the object.

The End

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