Sekhmen the Powerful

"Gods damn it." Sekhmen said.  He grabbed the staff and his beer and moved them out of the way of his falling head.  It slammed into the table with a  thud.  He kicked the knee of his attacker and his head was pulled back.  He threw an elbow into their face.  The grip on his hair loosened, and he whirled around to throw a giant hook. "Damn near ripped out my hair."  He rubbed his head. "Looks like it's time to take out the 'trash', man," He said to the security guard. The guard replied and obliged.

Sekhmen wasn't attacked for no reason.  The man who tried to kill him (for Sekhmen hadn't met the man's dagger) was seven feet tall and would have scared the bouncer, had he not been unconsious.  That would be the last time that Sekhmen's routine attacks would work. 

The End

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