The gods were very much real, or as far as the more major ones. Horus was one of the real ones. As written in his semi-autobiographical work, "Life: A Summary," Horus also goes by Ra and is more inclined to help his followers with "day-to-day tasks" than most of his counterparts. Naturally, most of these were priests at Egyptian temples, but it is written that occasionally he will "Help those who need it most and expect it least." The exact meaning of this phrase is unknown and may have lead to its being constantly misquoted. Also, Horus' intended meaning of "day-to-day tasks" seems to vary, and altogether stand completely apart from the usual meaning of the phrase. For some reason or another, the exact names of the priests helped by Horus are almost always obscured in one way or another, perhaps due to a drop in popularity, but modern technology helps us determine the three most-repeated names. One, already mentioned, is Thutmose.The others are:

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