"Looks like we are having a triple threat," Whizzkid said, his fingers were typing at a superhuman speed, the screen then flashed bright with three separate images. One of them was a man who had hostages inside a bank holding them at gunpoint, another one was a man using explosives to create havoc in a train station, and the third was a something clothed in shadows tormenting a celebration going on in the terrace of the skyscraper.

"I take the shadow thing!" I said, before James or Eddie could reply. James took the explosive dude and Eddie took the one left, Whizzkid was to stay in Pinnacle Point to monitor the situation. Corin and Luke were not here, they were in a separate mission and would soon be back.

"I better leave now before those two come back to base and decide to help me out," I said, walking toward the door to exit our HQ, "I truly can't remember the last time I saved the world alone." I left the room without turning back.

I arrived at the skyscraper and ascended in the most subtle way possible: the elevator. The door leading to the terrace was being blocked from the outside, obstructing the way in. From the other side of the door I heard frightful whispers and a coarse voice that rang above all, demanding their jewellery and access to their banking accounts. I took some steps back, this entrance couldn't go unperceived. I lift a foot and kicked opened the door, I quickly ran outside the terrace, the wind had picked up speed and the fear augmented.

"Who are you!" the figure shrouded in darkness asked, he was deformed in all aspects, a thick black veil obscuring his physical appearance. He held a woman and jumped into the building's rail, he was standing precariously in the edge of the skyscraper. The flowing dress of the woman hung just above the air,  moving with the wind. She was crying, whispering for help.

"Let her go," I said, "fight someone that matches your abilities." I took a step forward. I saw him shaking the poor woman's body and I stopped dead on my tracks.

"Don't advance or I'm seriously going to throw her into the thin air," he warned, "everything that goes up has to come down right?"

I felt distressed, dangling by the threats of others was never favoured by me, especially if a third party safety was being compromised. "I think we can sort something out," I said, holding up my hands, hopefully he would be able to see I had nothing with me.

"I don't trust somebody with a mask," he seethed, cocking his head.

"Let her go, take me instead," I said, "that's the only way you'll be able to take the mask from my face."

He seemed to ponder about it, he pushed the woman onto the floor and stepped down from the rail. He sauntered toward me, "brave young lady, let's see what or who is under that blue mask." His limb reached for my face, but before he could reach it I took hold of it and threw him over me, I crouched and used my body as a lever. He flew in the air and hit the ground.

I approached him but he was on his feet with a dagger on his hand. The people from the party had moved away from the scene. "You cannot fool me," he said, prowling around me with his dagger in front of his face.

I turned as he turned around me, "I am not intending to," I said. I rapidly kicked his hand with my leg, the dagger soars through the air and falls some metres from him. Before he could move toward it, I stoop and slide my leg in the floor colliding with his feet and unbalancing him. He falls on the floor as I flipped backwards and get hold of his dagger. "Looking for this?" I asked, tucking the dagger in my belt. "That was a very dirty trick to play on your opponents," I said, "how about we make this a bit more fair?"

He stood up and brought his arms in front of him. He thrust his fist aiming to hurt my side, but I used my forearms to block his attacks. I punched him in the face when his arms were down and kicked him in the gut. He tumbled backwards, sliding on the ground. I heard the police sirens blaring below me, time to exit.

Hastily I tied him up with a piece of hemp, the door burst open as police swarmed into the terrace. They shouted at me to show my face, but I sprinted toward the edge of the building and jumped off it in free fall. The wind hit my front side as I glided down, I reached behind me and took the dagger. With it, I pierced the mantle that hung from a building advertising a new make-up remover like a poster. This slowed down my fall, when I reached a comprehensive height, I let go and rolled on the ground to my feet.

Satisfied, I sprinted back to Pinnacle Point.


The End

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