"Here he is, the one you've been waiting for, the master of light... SERGEA NT SHIMMER!"

The crowd screamed with delight until there was a dazzling light from one side of the arena. A blinding white motorcycle appeared as the youth shot though the entrance tunnel. He flew up a ramp and flipped on the bike then pushed it to the floor half way through. The bike hit the ramp and exploded with color like fireworks. He parachute rolled down the ramp and onto his feet. He held up his arms to blazing cheer.

"You thought that was all?" the commentator boomed with laughter.

Sergeant Shimmer took a run up then leapt into the air. As he began to lose height, he erupted in white light and suddenly took off in some mini jet. He flew around the stadium, weaving in and out of several mid-air traps. Suddenly, the boy began firing some sort of energy machine gun. The bullets went straight for the opposite stand. At first they thought it was part of the act but as the bullets came, they didn't seem to disappear. They dove out of the way as the stand burst into fire. James jumped from his seat, ready to act but suddenly the jet nose-dived and smashed into the ground. Something was clearly not right here. Eddie ran down the stands and leapt over the wall. They reached the youth who lay on the ground in pain. Police were coming, this boy was in trouble.

They were about to speak to the police when they disappeared.

They were inside Pinnacle Point. Whizzkid was there already.

"He was attacked by something invisible, I got an infrared picture of it, it seems to have the shape of a serpent."

A few hours later they checked the TV. The media was all over him, already dubbing him with the name, Phantom Glare, violent criminal. They knew otherwise.

"What's your real name?" Eddie asked.

"I'm Luke, I suppose I'd better lay low here for a bit huh?"

"Sure," James stepped forwards, "you can join us Phantom Glare," he winked.

The End

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