"I'm kinda getting the hang of this," Eddie leapt over the table and pushed through the doors leading to the balcony. He span round and jumped into the air, scrambling onto the roof.

James sprinted up the emergency fire-stairs as Mia gracefully swung from level to level. They backed the criminal against a wall. Suddenly, before they could move, something flashed past them. With immense speed, they sommersaulted in the air and kicked the criminal in the face before pushing him with both hands and reappearing behind the criminal. With one final backwards kick, he sent the convict to the floor then ran, grabbing the criminal by the scruff of the neck and hauling him along. Mia chased, easily being the fastest, she managed to keep up with him.

Finally the person stopped in an alleyway. She was about to confront him but decided to watch first. He grabbed the criminal and placed him in a trash can, placing a sign that read "unwanted rubbish, please dispose of accordingly"

She remained perfectly still, and yet he turned towards her. He pulled out something from his belt and through it to the floor, disappearing in a cloud of smoke.


They came across him again some two days later. Once again the alarm sounded. It was a large fight that had resulted in one person being severely beaten and left on the floor. Eddie, using Whizzkid's tech managed to track down the assailant only to once again be thwarted as the person, who appeared to be a teenager, appeared. He leapt in, kicking the man, yet part of he appeared to be in the air and skidding along the floor at the same time. The man fell backwards against the wall before the boy seemed to appear in mid-air, falling and smashing him on the head. He was about to dash off when they managed to get in his way. For a moment he appeared to get ready to attack but thought better and waited.

"Who are you?" James questioned.

he didn't answer.

He was quite tall and thin, clearly athletic. His clothes were dark and tight fitting. He had very short dark hair and eyes, He had knives on both his legs, a katana on his back and shurikens on his belt along with some small smoke bombs.

"What are you doing here?" James tried again but there was no answer. For the first time, they realised he was Japanese, "maybe he's a member of that Shadow Guild?"

"No," he said, his accent thick, "I'm not in the Shadow Guild, must go," and then he once again dashed off.

They ran into him several times within the next few days, every time wishing to recruit him. After a week however, they were on a patrol when they found him waiting. 

"Hey!" James shouted. The boy looked up but didn't seem alarmed, merely annoyed.

"You following me?" he insinuated.

"No, we wanted to see if you were interested in joining our group, that's all," Eddie laughed.

The boy seemed unsure, "I must think about it," James left his number. After a further week, the boy, called Corin, joined the team.

The End

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