Mia Mishima


"So we're actually going to do this?" Eddie jumped into the air, a big smile on his face.

"Sure," James lounged casually in his chair, his calm face masking his own excitement.

"But don't we need like, a base or something?"  Eddie looked doubtfully, standing up from his chair, he paced the small dining room.

"Leave that to me," for a moment, Eddie looked at his old friend, remembering what a giant know-it-all he was and yet knew so little bout human social interaction. He used to joke that it wasn't because he was an alien but that he never stopped "gaming". As Whizzkid touched his gauntlet, again Eddie realised he had never seen Whizzkid without his armor. For a moment he wondered if he had ever had a bath, but then again, he remembered the healing nanites which probably cleaned him. Lucky bugger.

He disappeared in a flash of blue leaving James and Eddie alone.

Eddie slumped into a chair, "don't we like, need more people though, good as we are, just the three of us can't do very much."

"That's true, but it's not like we can broadcast for auditions or anything, as good as relations are between humans and superhumans now thanks to Sharpshooter, we are vigilantes and therefore the police will be forced to hunt us down," James frowned slightly and tapped his chin with a finger, "we need to get the message out there though without drawing too much attention.. I'll ask Whizz to look into it for us."

There was a sudden bang. Eddie and James jumped from their seats and ran to the door. Across the street where there had been an empty lot now appeared a large spire that ended in a large discus shaped structure with a window running the between the roof and floor looking oddly like a UFO.

"What is he thinking," Eddie stepped forward but at the same time, they disappeared in a flash of blue.

They emerged in a massive room made of metal. The centre was dominated by a a large, central core surrounded by consoles, more lining the sides of the room. All around the perimeter was a metal walkway which came down to the core. The ground below was too dark to see anything. Whizzkid was at the core, his hand touching the smooth metal.

"What the hell, you brought the ship right across our street! we're supposed to be laying low!"

"Very subtle," James said, laughing, "what are you doing anyway?"

"Don't ask him a tech question-!"

"In simple language so that your primitive cortex can understand, I am hacking into government satellites and CCTV as well as tapping into phones and all forms of social networking, applying AI to them to tell us where we need to be. When I want it to, it will activate and if there is a crime, we will no-"

The windows suddenly flashed red, then a satellite view of Oceanus appeared all around us. It zoomed into Central square with a 360 view as if there were a person there. Whizzkid pointed behind us toward a dark side street. 

"There's a mugging going on down there, I will teleport you nearby."

Before they could argue, they disappeared, reappeared in the middle of a very busy Central Square. James was somehow wearing his blue suit with yellow lightning stripes and Geckboy his yellow cape. They sighed and ran towards the same street. There was a girl there, cowering from a trio of attackers. She saw Eddie and James and looked angry.

"What did we do?" Eddie wondered, "should we help her?"

"I say no," James sniggered and watched. Eddie looked outrage. But then as he watched, he realised she was being tactical.

She moved backwards until one ran towards her. She swung her arms like a windmill, smacking him in the head and ending up crouching low, her arms high in the air. As the second man came near, she swung her arms again and pushed one arm out, smacking the man in the gut and sending him flying. As the third man came, she kicked him in the gut, span and quickly ducked down, bringing her other leg up sending him high in the air. As he came down, she once again sent pushed her hand out and hit him into a trash can. She bent over and placed a hand above her eyes as if to shield the sun/

"Yeah, that's what I thought," she muttered and smiled to herself.

Suddenly she leapt very high into the air behind Geckboy and Lightning strike. Before Geckoboy could react, she ducked to the floor and span her legs round twice, tripping him up then cartwheeled around Lightning Strike and jumped onto his shoulders before kicking him in the face whilst backflipping onto the ground. They squirmed on the floor.

"Dude we weren't here to attack you, we wanted to save you!"

"Yeah, great job..." she turned her back on them then stopped and looked back, "if you couldn't tell, I can look after myself," she went away.

"WAIT!" Geckoboy called after her, "do you want to join out superteam?"

She span round, giving him the peace sign. She cocked her head slightly, closing her eyes and grinning.


They appeared back in headquarters.

"So what's your name then?" Whizzkid asked.

"Oh, it's Mia," she marvelled at the room, "this is your pad?"

"I call it Pinnacle Point, after the lighthouse," Whizzkid returned to  his console, "we need to give you a costume and superhero name, so nobody will know who you are," he looked at her gravely then, "you understand that your life changes here, that you are now technically a criminal and that your life will revolve around defeating evil, even when your in school, you will have to miss lessons, beat people up and cope withthe glory."

She looked at him, "I'm sure I'll cope."

"So how do we find more people?" James cut in.

"I will find a way," Whizzkid muttered.

The End

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