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 Atlantis 6000 B.C

In a  rounded room lit by variouse devices giving off a blue ambience powered by what atlantians call life energy, in the room was many seats filled by representatives from their respected Nations. Atleast all the nations with enough military strength to plunge the world into a war that could end it as they know it. It appeared everything was going fine, however things are not always as they seem. 

"Why is it Varon that you Atlantians must always host entry level exams in places our students are at a disadvantage at, it is making our nation appear weaker than it is!" Said a man wearing japanese samurai styled armour with red hair

"Please explain why your warriors are at a disadvantage Fusa." Said the proud atlantian standing in the middle of room , he was dressed all white with black peices of armour seperated by the white material. The armour also gave off a blue ambience. Its strange that this meeting is a peaceful freindly meeting yet all the representatives were clothed as if they were ready to go to war.

"Because!" Fusa began frusterated," We live in an environment filled with mountains and tree's, and you keep chosing open vallly's marshes, deserts, fields, for these examinations!"

"Fusa I apalogize however we have already solved this. This year the exam has been modified to fit all nations wants and needs and to make it as fair as possible. Also instead of the previouse system of having three levels of challenges we have five. We have a team testing challenge at the begining, then we move up to a survival round. The third round will simulate a war how students will be marked will be based on succes on missions and tasks given to sqauds. In the case of the third challenge it consists of smaller challenges. If most students have not failed we hold a pre elimnary round at any point. anyways the fourth round can be skipped if we have a number of  25 students.  challenges and four and five mirror eachother there like a tournament each student will be judged by each nations judges more round the student will stay in will increases there chances to be awarded a higher rank."

"Varon it sounds to me you have quite an even planned this year. I cannot wait to see it especially with the purposed multi trained policy." Fusa said.

"Any other further questions?" Varon asked.

None were given and the meeting was adjourned, even though it seemed like a peaceful exchange it couldn't be helped but felt there was animosity between these nations.  However most members of this room had no idea of the the war that would occur after the examination, say for the nations that were setting down the kindling for this war.

The End

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